Sensory Box - Soft Senses - Limited Edition


Sensory boxes are the best to interact with a little one. We have carefully created 2 versions to offer variety and cherry picked every item. This box has been designed to stimulate your baby's senses and nurture their development.

We have got you covered with the perfect box to recreate a fun and interactive way to engage with your baby bringing different sounds, textures and visual experiences.

And even better, it comes in a personalised and eco-friendly box with their name on it, that you can have as a keepsake box and fill out with souvenirs as you go.

This hamper includes : 

- 1 sensory ball by Jellystone Designs (Award winning silicone teething) : I wish I had found that one earlier. Best sensory ball and free from any nasty chemicals (made from food-grade silicone). Babies can chew on the soft, safe surface to soothe their aching gums. Designed for all ages and stages, the open frame design allows them to easily grab the Sensory Ball and bring it to their mouths when any toothy troubles arise.  

- 1 Playsilk handcrafted by Possum Kids : not a random scarf...Silk is a natural fibre that is lightweight and durable and feels that little bit special and luxurious. this playsilk is a versatile toy for children that encourages imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a belt to hold a sword, a tablecloth at a tea party, a dolls blanket or just a silky friend to soothe your little one. You'll be surprised at the games your little ones come up with.

- 1 Bar Bell Shakers by Baby Noise : handcrafted in Australia. They are a perfect addition to your babies Percussion toy collection or Nursery Decor, they encourage imaginative play, relaxation and advance hand-eye coordination.

- Egg Shakers duo By Baby Noisehandcrafted in Australia. Beautiful Wooden Egg Shakers designed to be the perfect size for the comfort of your little ones hands to make as much natural noise as possible, they also help advance hand-eye coordination. These can be a beautiful touch to your Nursery Decor 

- 1 foil blanket : you will be surprised to see how this emergency blanket make the best learning tool for babies. Watch them crinkling it, being captured with the reflective nature of the blanket. A lot of their senses will be in action for a great moment together.

Adult supervision is required for ALL products. 

Shipping policy : 

All orders will be ready for dispatch within 24-48 hours, except during public holidays and long week ends OR for personalised order (blanket and teether are made on order).

We offer a flat shipping rate at $5 for the moment and hope to offer free delivery in the near future.

We also offer Same Day pick up for free in Port Melbourne (VIC) if you are in a rush or local delivery next business day.

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