"Little Dino" Play Box


Do you have a dinosaur fan around you ? Or do you want a toddler to discover the amazing dino world ? This box is for you. From colouring, to playing with a figurine and dino magnets to create their own story every time they play...this is the dream box !

 Even better, it comes in a personalised and eco-friendly gift box, so don't forget to tell us the name of the lucky giftee with some kind words for their handwritten card !

This box includes :

- Magna Dino World by Tiger Tribe : Magna Cary helps develop imagination and fine motor skills, all the while encouraging independent play. Each set comes with 2 sheets of press-out magnets and is super portable 

- Tawa Dinosaur by Schleich : Start your collection or add to it. They are just perfectly made. The Tawa was a carnivorous dinosaur with a slender snout and long neck.

- Dinosaur Coloring SetThese beautifully illustrated colouring sets are jam-packed with activities, coloured markers and stickers. All designed to keep tigers happy on the go.

- Dino Book : Take a trip to meet the Dinosaurs! Lift the giant flaps to reveal the dinosaurs and touch lots of exciting textures. Feel the bumpy head of Triceratops, the smooth skin of Diplodocus and the scratchy plates of Stegosaurus.

- Dino Art Sand Card : such a fun activity to do with little hands...make a perfect sand card with the yellow, green (light and forest), black sand provided in the box

Shipping policy : 

All orders will be ready for dispatch within 24-48 hours, except during public holidays and long week ends OR for personalised order (blanket and teether are made on order).

We offer a flat shipping rate at $5 for the moment and hope to offer free delivery in the near future.

We also offer Same Day pick up for free in Port Melbourne (VIC) if you are in a rush or local delivery next business day.

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