DIY - Create your own garage

DIY - Create your own garage

DIY - Create your own garage

Need a little playground for all those cars...this is not the prettiest DIY garage but it will keep them entertained for hours. A great indoor activity for a rainy day or a "stage 4" day. Kids will love it.

Only little cars will fit in the slides which has causes some little drama (no one wants a car stuck in the tube) but altogether a great activity to build together and hours of fun for your little ones who can pretend to be skilled drivers, just going to the carwash like mummy or daddy, or driving around...

What did we use as a guide :

- Wooden board and shoes box for the structure

- Paint : red / yellow / black and blue 

- White Polska (Paint pen) for the marks and signs

- Toilet paper rolls for the car park 

- Paper towels for the slides 

- Milk formula Can for the car wash 

- Turf for the grass